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Go West, Germany!

by Colette Hartwich Being placed by both history and geography in a position between East and West, Germany has been, especially after reunification with the ex-socialist twin, hesitating between East and West. The rapid decline of the US as a world power, both politically and economically, a decline symbolized and worsened by President Trump, has,…

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Street Smart in Berlin

Revolution Now After the Paris student’s revolution of ’68, Berlin, especially since the fall of the Berlin Wall, has become the capital of millennial protest and laid-back culture. It has attracted many non-Germans because of that special “anything goes” spirit, and because for a long period of time it was dirt-cheap to live here relatively…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

As always in an age of Trumpian madness, there’s lots of interesting articles to see on the Web this week. This time around, our favs include: Over on the Hill, we have Republicans Beware: The ‘blue wave’ is already changing red states by Kristin Tate. This one is kind of amusing because Tate is a…

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The Reichstag Liar

The new American ambassador to Germany evidenced the sort of political arrogance and naivete that can only be described as “Trumpian” this week when he decided to sound off about helping to foster a right-wing uprising across Europe. Ambassador Richard Grenell, who seems to have confused the roles of “ambassador” and “interfering mother in law”…

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Following the Ukraine Week in Berlin

By Colette Hartwich-Soreau     Editor’s Note: This week we welcome a new writer to our site, Colette Hartwich – Soreau is a French citizen of Ukrainian origin who is currently a resident of Berlin. She has graciously agreed to give us her thoughts on the positive site of Ukraine, which is so often given…

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