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Video: Think About Robots Now!

The scary thing is that Andrew Yang is right.  We need to think about automation, now, while there is still time. How will it effect our society and our lives? From Holly Peck:  

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Our Robot Over-Loads

If, when, and how automation might displace the majority of Americans in the work force continues to be under discussion. Recently, there has been serious debate as to whether it will happen at all…or, at least, any time soon. But…well, check out this video from Boston Dynamics. Kinda think the robot invasion is coming. Maybe…

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Good News For Us…In Future

Fun article over on Axos, Future foretold: A new America in 2040 by Stef W. Kight. In the piece, Ms. Kight looks at the demographic changes that are remaking America. In just twenty years, she says, America will be much less white as minorities become the majority. And here’s the good news for us on…

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Yang Distresses Me

From the Editor’s Desk I am distressed by how often I find myself writing about Andrew Yang, this year’s most inexplicable candidate for President. I don’t think he should be president. He doesn’t have the background for it. He’s a successful high tech CEO, yes, but that really isn’t what you need to be in…

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