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4th of July, We Will Endure

It’s the Fourth of July! Today, we should all be proud of our nation and what it has managed to achieve over the centuries. We have a lot of flaws, but we’ve done much to right our wrongs, and are doing more each day. But we should also be wary. Our ship of state is…

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Capitalism Is In Trouble

Capitalism today is in trouble, and even the most ardent defenders of free enterprise are saying so. Consider Jonathan Tepper, founder of Variant Perception, “a research group for asset managers.” It would seem hard to find anyone more devoted to unregulated markets. Yet, even so, in a new book, The Myth of Capitalism: Monopolies and…

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The Next Declaration of Independence

It is July 4, the day on which Americans traditionally celebrate their independence. But, this last year and a half has made some of us question just how free a people we are, and how many of us genuinely want freedom. But, LiberalResistance.Net believes that in spite of appearances to the contrary, the spirit of…

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