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Trump Owes $2 Million for Charity Fraud

From Judge Orders Trump To Pay $2 Million For Misusing His Foundation  “Mr. Trump’s fiduciary duty breaches included allowing his campaign to orchestrate the Fundraiser, allowing his campaign, instead of the Foundation, to direct distribution of the Funds, and using the Fundraiser and distribution of the Funds to further Mr. Trump’s political campaign.”   This…

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IRS Whistleblower

From Apparently the Cockwombler in Chief is not only refusing to allow the IRS to turn over his tax documents to Congress; his administration is refusing the IRS the ability to do the mandatory audits of the President and Vice President. I’m pretty sure that safeguard was put in place to prevent any President or…

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Brexit: Apocalypse When?

Every so often, as a British person, I get asked how Brexit is working out. An emotionally honest response would just involve baffled, terrified screaming for the next several minutes, but British reserve dictates that I simply shift uncomfortably and say “Not very well.” The normal state of Brexit is that nobody understands what is…

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We were wrong, Hillary is the rightful President

by Marc Keyser, The Resistance.Blog What if Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million and lost the electoral college vote because the Russians launched a sophisticated cyber-attack on the elections to help Trump win the electoral college? What if Trump conspired with Russian dictator Putin to rig the election to help him win…

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