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Fox Had to Disable Comments After John McCain’s Death

It is odd that we are still talking about John McCain, even now, some time after his death. Normally, a celebrity or political figure dies, is briefly mourned, and is then forgotten in a week or so. But not McCain, both because of his genuine greatness, but also because of the quality of his enemies.…

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The Real Impact of Steel Tariffs

Even though I attended University of Iowa College of Business pursuing a degree in Finance and Marketing over 15 years ago, I still remember a professor telling us that if anyone every really wanted to tank the economy and cause a recession the easiest way to do that would be to put a tariff on…

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Ann Coulter Calls Border Children “Actors”

Oh, dear God in heaven… Ann Coutler apparently said on Fox News that the children you see weeping in detention centers after they’d been torn from their mothers were actually just “child actors” and that no one should pay the slightest attention to them. This is horrible… Not only is it cruel and unfeeling and…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

GIF Of Reading Dog

And from around the web, we have all sorts of interesting stories this week. Presented, now, for your consideration… Wondering why it is that Trump supporters seem to ignore reports of his obvious corruption and incompetence? Well, says the Washington Post, it seems that in a recent poll, half of all Republicans said that the…

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BOYCOTT The Fox News Propaganda Machine

by Marc Keyser, author of     i Joseph Goebbels was Hitler’s propagandist, just as Sean Hannity is Trump’s propagandist. The only difference between the two is the blue Trump neck tie. What is Propaganda? Propaganda is this litany of sick ideas, fake facts, and false allegations spread deliberately by Trump and his followers…

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For The Fox Of It

By Burt Gretzinger To hear Sean Hannity tell it, he’s done nothing wrong, of late. There isn’t anything seedy or corrupt about his vehement defense of the President when (it has emerged) he and the president share the same seedy and corrupt lawyer. Not only has Sean Hannity not, say, completely violated journalistic ethics, but…

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Will David Hogg be the death of Fox News?

by Marc Keyser, TheResisance.Blog@ogkeyser Parkland Student David Hogg called for a boycott of Fox News advertisers in response to the vicious attacks on him and the anti-NRA movement. Fox is determined to keep right-wing-extremist Laura Ingraham on the air. Apparently, losing millions of dollars in advertising revenue is not convincing enough. We need to see…

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The Phone Protest Takes On Fox!

by Marc Keyser, author TheResistance.Blog The Parkland Student Phone Boycott is costing Fox News millions in lost advertising revenue, and the personal attacks and death threats against David Hogg are getting more vicious and violent. Fox News is inciting violence. They might as well have put out a hit on David Hogg. The staggering loss…

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Fox Hunting

   Parkland student hits media giant Fox News with a Phone Protest…and kills advertising income. By Marc Keyser, author of This sensational news event is a modern day a David and Goliath saga. Fox News star Laura Ingraham, who is famous for her propaganda supporting President Trump’s authoritarian regime, fearlessly attacked a teenage Parkland Survivor,…

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