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Fox News: Tucker Carlson is a Racist

Ku Klux Klan Cross Burning

VirtualReality2 host and commentator Marc Keyser President Trump is responsible for the growing, racially motivated, violent extremism leading to these acts of terror threatening the day-to-day safety of Americans; and Carlson Tucker is on Fox News spreading it. Tucker Carlson is a racist peddling President Trump’s racist, white nationalist propaganda, which is spawning Trump true…

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Or Is Biden Golden?

Yesterday we mentioned an article that argued Joe Biden couldn’t possibly when the 2020 Democratic nomination and that the future belonged to Kamala Harris. It seems only fair that today we ought to provide the alternative point of view. Back in April, David Ignatius wrote a compelling op-ed in the Washington Post arguing that Biden…

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How to “Parental Lock” Fox News

There’s an amusing article over on called “Daughters Don’t Let Their Mothers Watch Fox News”. Have you found yourself in that very awkward situation where your parents are watching way too much Fox News and being fully propagandized? Are they now angry for all the wrong reasons and well on their way to becoming…

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by Virtual Reality2, Marc Keyser host and commentator Fox News has become President Donald J. Trump’s State Propaganda platform fawning over Trump, lying incessantly for him, and attacking people who are opposed. If we are to successfully undermine the Trump regime, we must first deconstruct Fox News and shut them down. Trump would not have…

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