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Kavanaugh And Night Terrors

I am going to confess to you today. I am going to confess that I went to bed last night quite depressed. Indeed, desolate. I woke up this morning the same way. I was, and am, despairing because of Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh. Last night, I knew that the GOP would attempt to…

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Ford vs. Kavanaugh: Who Won?

So who won? Right now, it is impossible to say. As a liberal, and a Trump opponent, I think Ford did. I think she presented her case extraordinarily well, and controlled the narrative from beginning to end. But, come, let us confess. Others will see the affair quite differently. Many, and not just men, and…

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There’s a point, way early in the morning, where you realise that the eastern sky has turned to blue. It’s not dawn – dawn comes later. But there’s a certain point where you realise that dawn is on its way. Tonight feels like that. Because this isn’t some glorious feminist sunrise where all women will…

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