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Red Skies In Indonesia

Fires often set to clear land are spreading throughout Indonesia. In the process, they are turning skies blood red. It is a terrifying sign of things that could come in future. The following video is from UPI:  

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Who Started The Norcal Electrical Fire?

Seems like the Norcal fire was the largest electrical fire I have ever heard of.  Must have heated up everyone’s wires at the same time until it all combusted.  That’s how a Kmart across an 8 lane highway could go up at the same time.  It was on same power grid. It didn’t have to…

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Trump Didn’t Want Sprinklers In His Tower

Everyone knows, now, that there was a fire at Trump Tower—in which one person died and six firemen were injured. As for press time (Sunday, April 8, 2018), der Drumpf’s only response was to tweet about how the fire was now out (it wasn’t at the time he did the tweeting) and to say good…

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