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Mueller Speaks…the storm is coming

Today at 11 am Eastern Standard, Robert Mueller made his first public statement about his longstanding investigation of Trump’s ties to Russian (and other) interests. His message was that he had in no way exonerated Trump, in spite of the president’s statements to the contrary. Mueller also indicated that he is leaving the Department of…

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Flash: Rosenstein Leaves DOJ

News Flash: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will leave the Department of Justice. What this means for the Mueller investigation is not clear. However, the Washington Post is reporting that there is no timeline set of his departure. It may be that the Mueller probe will be finished before or just after his exit.  

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My Advice For Michael Cohen

“My loyalty for Trump is deep and un-wavering” he said. “I’d never walk away. He’s one man who wants to do so much good but has so many detractors.” This is an excerpt from an article in Vanity Fair magazine written by Emily J. Fox dated September 6, 2017. Its title was “Michael Cohen would…

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Dershowitz, The Prophet

So none other than Alan Dershowitz is saying that Robert Mueller’s report could be “devastating” for Donald Trump. In itself, that doesn’t come as any big surprise. Anyone who’s reading this publication can guess what will be in the report, and how very damning it will be for The Trump. What is unexpected is that…

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VOTE, save America

So I voted a while back. I voted early. I wanted to get it done sooner rather than later. In fact, I voted the second or third day that you could vote. I don’t recall the date exactly. All I know is that I went into the booth and filled in the little bubbles beside…

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Common Sense things to do after the Trump Era

I know we haven’t gotten rid of Trump yet, but Mueller seems to be closing in and hopefully it is just a matter of time.  I do think we also need to be looking at what can we do unite as liberals/progressives after the end of the Trump era.  Here are some suggestions that I…

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