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Join the Protests at the White House by Phone

By Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog At the Helsinki Summit Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin, and he showed his true colors. Lawrence O’Donnell on NSNBC called Trump’s press conference in Helsinki “nothing short of treasonous.” Why was Trump cowering before Putin? The obvious explanation. Putting has been grooming Trump as an asset for years… lending him…

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Michael Cohen Docs Fair Game

In the continuing stream of amazing news about Michael Cohen, Der Drumpf’s former lawyer and fixer, we have this tidbit. Some 14,000 of his documents have just been ruled fair game. The prosecutors can use every one of them. And, here’s the kicker, Cohen isn’t appealing that decision. As Business Intelligence reports, “The special master…

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Found Around The Web

We’ve been asking this question ourselves. Is there any ranking Republican out there who isn’t out to betray the country? If so, would they please stand up?

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Cohen Taped Trump

We know, now, that Michael Cohen taped himself having a chat with Trump about paying off one of his former lovers, a Playboy model. What’s interesting about the story, though, is not that Trump employed Cohen to spread a little hush money, or even that he was having affairs while still married. That is common…

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Drudge…Drudge!…Is Pissed At Trump?

Okay, someone grab the trans-dimensional hotline, phone up Lucifer, and find out if hell’s frozen over. None other than the Drudge Report …the Drudge Report!…is criticizing Trump for the way he behaved in Helsinki with Putin. Writing in Newsweek, Paul Lablanc says that, “The Drudge Report, a conservative news aggregation outlet, did not shy away…

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Martial Law: We Told You So

We really, really, really hate to say this, but we told you so. This week, in the New York Times, Roger Cohen offers a chilling article entitled, Trump’s Road To American Martial Law. In it, he argues that Congress has failed its duty shamefully, that the GOP has become a fascist cult, and that, in…

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Putin and His Useful Idiot

Today, 16 July, Donald (“The Dim”) Trump is supposed to meet with Vladimir (“The Impaler”) Putin. If that fact doesn’t terrify you, then you’re either a Russian or on serious drugs. The general betting is that Trump, who is a notoriously poor negotiator, will end up giving away the farm. But the question plaguing diplomats…

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