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Alex Jones’ Really Bad Month

Alex (InfoWars) Jones is having a really bad month. First,  the FDA has announced that it will be a lot more zealous in the regulation of food supplements. And, guess what? It turns out that Jones makes most of his money from sales of just such supplements. The right-wing, conspiracy-laden, bat-sh*t crazy politics is just…

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Stochastic Terrorism Revisited

As I write this, ten pipe bombs have been found in the mails, all heading toward major critics of the Trump Administration. Yesterday, we learned that the targets included the Clintons, President Obama, George Soros, and John Brennan at the offices of CNN. Today, the list has grown to include Vice President Biden and Robert…

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Ann Coulter Calls Border Children “Actors”

Oh, dear God in heaven… Ann Coutler apparently said on Fox News that the children you see weeping in detention centers after they’d been torn from their mothers were actually just “child actors” and that no one should pay the slightest attention to them. This is horrible… Not only is it cruel and unfeeling and…

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