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What’s Happened To Us?

From CNN: The world wonders what’s happened to America Well, world, we’re not too sure, either. One night, we went to bed in the United States, and the next morning we work up in a Fascist dictatorship run by gun-worshiping fanatics.

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Finland’s Tackling “Fake News”

Finland is taking a proactive approach to increase its citizens’ online literacy by encourage critical thinking and promoting fact checking.  Conceptually, they are looking at the– mostly Russian– disinformation as a form of digital pollution.  They are also holding social media platforms responsible for how much digital pollution they allow to spread on their platforms.…

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The Deep Fake Threat

by Chris Madsen A large threat to the coming election is technology has developed to the point it is now possible to easily make “Deep Fake” videos.  Deep Fake videos can make it look like anyone is saying anything.   With at least 2 minutes of audio of someone talking an electronic voice can then…

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BOYCOTT The Fox News Propaganda Machine

by Marc Keyser, author of TheResistance.blog     i Joseph Goebbels was Hitler’s propagandist, just as Sean Hannity is Trump’s propagandist. The only difference between the two is the blue Trump neck tie. What is Propaganda? Propaganda is this litany of sick ideas, fake facts, and false allegations spread deliberately by Trump and his followers…

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