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Reich: Watch The States

Robert Reich has a new video out in which he warns us to watch the GOP’s actions in state races. The Republicans hope to use those election to cement their rule.  

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Star Wars Meets Star Bore: A Very Funny Video

Looking for some relief from the constant stream of bad news that is the Trump Administration? Well, here’s something fun. A while back, sixteen-year-old actress Rory Nicole Ogden teamed up with producer/director Dana Olita and video editor Armin Nasseri to create a very funny, and very good parody of Star Wars, with Donald Trump rather…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

GIF Of Reading Dog

As always, there are lots of good articles on the web to check out this week—unfortunately, since most of them refer to Der Drumpf. But, anyway, submitted for your approval. From Re.Wire News, we learn that “The 15-year-old girl who was detained alongside her father in an otherwise all-male facility…” Journalist Tina Vasquez notes that…

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