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When Trump And Epstein Parted Ways

From the Washington Post: Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein partied together. Then an oceanfront Palm Beach mansion came between them. The article is well worth a read. You see upper-crust American sleaze, raw and on the hoof.

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The Devil Believed He Was Immune

Multiple news outlets are reporting that Billionaire and long-time Trump crony Jeffrey Epstein has been charged with multiple counts of sex trafficking, and of under-age girls to boot. There are now several questions which we, as a society, need to ask. First, how did he get away with it for so long (answer, he was…

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US Concentration Camps Confirmed

by Chris Madsen There’s a fascinating article over on Esquire.com called ‘An Expert on Concentration Camps Says That’s Exactly What the U.S. Is Running at the Border‘. Of course the current US fascist federal government regime doesn’t want to call them that.  However, I’m not willing to trust a government led by someone that doesn’t…

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The More Things Change…

…the more they stay the same. From Ancient Times to the Modern Era by Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant Purim is a’comin this Wednesday eve to Thursday eve. The megillah (the scroll of the biblical book of Esther) is read on the eve of Purim. If you’re Jewish you may have such associations with this holiday…

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Bye-Bye, Laura!

So if you haven’t heard, several news outlets are reporting that Laura Ingraham’s show has been taken off the air…after her advertisers figured she was as toxic as plutonium. You’ll recall that dear, dear Laura is a hyper-conservative twit who mocked the Parkland survivors, implied that the Clintons had something do with a few murders,…

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What She Will Ask Me

From the Editor’s Desk November 30 , 2018 I have just returned from Austin, Texas, where I spent nearly two weeks while something very important happened. To wit, I became a grandfather. The little girl entered the world on Thanksgiving day. We waited in our hotel room until we got the word. Then, the following…

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