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A Field Guide to Christians

Having trouble telling one Evangelist from another? Not sure if the Christian you’re dealing with hates you or not? Well, help is at hand. Writing in Raw Story, Sarah Burns says that a “A new report from the Center for Religion and Civil Culture at the University of Southern California revealed that evangelical Christians can…

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God Fearing? What About A Little Courage?

There is a fascinating and powerful article over on the Atlantic’s website this week. Evangelical Fear Elected Trump, John Fea writes that you can only understand evangelicalism, and evangelicals’ support of Trump, if you realize that it the movement is shot through with terror. The evangelicals are terrified of pretty much everything—racial minorities, other religions…

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Evangelicals: Fall From Grace

By Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant Editor’s Note: Michael Gerson recently wrote this article for the Washington Post regarding the fate of Christian Evangelicals in Trump’s America. Our religious affairs editor, Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant, offers this response. It’s important to point out that Michael Gerson, having been a former speech writer for W. Bush, has…

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Is Christianity Dead?

It’s a bit of an older piece, now, but there’s an article by Miguel De Lad Torre in the Baptist News Global that everyone should read. In The death of Christianity in the U.S., he argues that Evangelicals have effectively killed Christianity by allying themselves with Trump. He writes, “Christianity has died in the hands…

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