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U.S. Losing Friends and Allies

What’s Trump’s effect on American power around the world? Highly negative. Check out this piece in Foreign Policy News: US lost important military allies in the Middle East , “Two major NATO allies, Germany and France, turned their backs on the United States. Berlin and Paris refused to form a coalition against Iran and send…

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UK and European News.

Although it’s entirely subjective, I think the funniest event in human history happened on February 3rd, 1969, when Allen Funt boarded a plane. Funt –  whose name is already objectively funny – was the host of Candid Camera, the hidden camera show that played pranks on the public. Unbeknownst to him or anyone else, two…

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Flash: tRump Wants To Leave NATO

News Flash: just in case you missed it in all the other insanity coming from 45’s White House, Trump is seriously considering pulling the United States out of  NATO, the military organization which kept Europe at peace and free from the Soviet threat for nearly half a century. The scary thing is that it makes…

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Brexit Crystal Ball

One of the many, many unpleasant things about the rightwards trend in modern politics is that we have to engage with things we’d rather not. The Nazis were unpleasant enough when they were just the bad guys in an Indiana Jones movie; now that they’re walking through the streets with placards it’s all a bit…

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News From Everywhere

By Peter H. Salus You may have fixed your eyes on that green train in Peking, but you don’t want to forget what’s going on in Malta, where a slightly rusty front-load washing machine stood in front of the Pilatus private bank in Valletta, Malta, last week with a sign dedicating the “monument of money…

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