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Educated Congressmen?

From UPI: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Friday proposed re-establishing a congressional office tasked with educating federal lawmakers and staffers on complex technological issues. Members of Congress who actually knew something about science and technology? Whoa. Now there’s a concept.

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The Democratic Party Reborn

The Blue Dogs are dead! The Democratic Party is changing dramatically. It is becoming more unified, more liberal, more focused, and way more urban. That’s the conclusion, anyway, of CNN Politics’ senior analyst Ronald Brownstein. He argues that the Democratic Party used to be composed of many different groups–rural and small town voters, conservatives, even…

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President Elizabeth Warren?

According to several news sources, Elizabeth Warren has announced that she will seek the presidency in 2020. On the one hand, we’re delighted. On the other, we do sort of wonder if she isn’t more important to America in Congress. Someone needs to focus on putting the plutocrats and oligarchs in check. Still, if she…

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A Deal For The Great Deal Maker

by Harvey Green How about this deal for the Deal-Maker in Chief: Elizabeth Warren gets a DNA/ancestry test done if he takes an IQ test and a high school History exam? Of course he would have to be proctored by the biggest, meanest history professor in the US (who was a Democrat, of course).  It’s…

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