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Please Vote

Hi, Everyone, Normally I don’t directly address anyone in my little pieces here on Liberal Resistance. But, today, I’m going to make an exception. In fact, I’m going ask you to do me a huge favor. I’m also going to ask you to do your nation a huge favor. And the world! I’m going to…

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Are We Headed For A Fall In 2018?

Two articles to consider and one big issue to go with them. The issue: are us Liberals, Progressives, and NeverTrumpers in trouble regarding the 2018 midterm elections? At least some observers think so. Joe Scarborough in the Washington Post argues that Trump’s short term successes (or at least successes he can take credit for, even…

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Spotlight: Tom Prigg for Penn

By @BossBird17 Part III: He Blinded Me with Science and Policy There are moments, especially, when I’m feeling snarky when I question the intelligence and introspective level of many politicians. Thus, I ponder the intelligence of Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon and current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who believes that the Earth was literally…

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Paul Moya: From Farm To Congress

Editor’s note: To quote the great Tip O’Neil, all politics is local. For this reason, LR Net frequently covers state and local races around the nation. This week, we’re looking a candidate in our very own state of New Mexico, Paul Moya, who is running to be the Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District…

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