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Women Of Color And Bernie

One of the great myths of the 2016 election was that women, and particularly women of color, did not support Bernie Sanders. This article, however, shows that to be a falsehood.   Yes, Women of Color Support Bernie Sanders. It’s Time to Stop Erasing Our Voices. from r/politics

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Deval Patrick…NO

Deval Patrick is said to be about to run for President as a Democrat. Frankly, that would be a mistake. Nothing against him, but we already have too many Democratic candidates as it is. We need fewer, not more of them. So, Deval, please…reconsider.

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Nasty Little Weasel Creep Runs For Congress

We have learned today that former Trump-AG and general anthropomorphic mutant rodent excrement, Jeff Sessions, is to run for Congress. Yikes. Still, he was kicked out by the tRump. Let’s hope that in the process of running for office, Sessions at least reveals a lot of dirt on the Orange One. Like we need more…

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Trump In Trouble For 2020?

Hopeful piece in the Washington Post: Trump is in serious danger, and his own advisers know it, by Greg Sargent. In the op-ed, Mr. Sargent argues that Trump’s chance in the 2020 election are slim and getting slimmer all the time, and his own in-house pundits know that fact. They are also starting to panic,…

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Tulsi Gabbard Demonstrated She’s Qualified for President or VP

by Chris Madsen I know it is still early in the 2020 Presidential race, but I would like to point out Senator Tulsi Gabbard did just help diplomatically diffuse a potentially volatile situation here in Hawaii. Governor Ige had declared an “emergency” and had sent the National Guard over to the Big Island of Hawaii…

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