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Biden For Secretary of State

From Rolling Stone: Biden Plummets Below Sanders and Warren for First Time in Major National Poll But maybe there is another role of Biden. If Joe Biden and his wife are willing to travel the world and meet with dignitaries, he should make a deal to support some form of a Warren/Sanders or a Sanders/Warren…

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Senate Could Go Blue

NBC is forecasting that the Senate could be blue in 2020. On Meet The Press, the general conclusion was that “The Senate suddenly looks like it’s up for grabs in 2020 Democrats need to net only four seats to get to a 51-49 majority in the Senate, and the list of seats that Republicans need…

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Trump Supporters Starting To Sober Up

From the better late than never file, we present this story in Business Insider: Truckers and farmers who voted for Trump are starting to blame his policies for their economic woes Now, if that just translates into votes in 2020…

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Joe Biden Enters Race

Joe Biden has officially entered the race for president of the United States. Ending literally months of speculation about his plans, Biden made his announcement early this morning (15 April, 2018) via social media with a video stressing the racism and hatred of Donald Trump, as opposed to the acceptance and tolerance which Biden says…

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Exploring the “Moral Rot” ….

Image Source: marcn (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0) …of Today’s Capitalism with Marianne Williamson By Todd Telford At a recent interview in Iowa, presidential candidate Marianne Williamson dove deep into a glaring truth in American politics today: money and greed have driven us from the moral path set forth by our founders. This deviation stems from the domination of…

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Andrew Yang: What Do We Make Of Him?

Among the distressingly many candidates running for as nomination as the Democrat’s pick for president, one of the more remarkable is Andrew Yang. A complete political novice, though a high-tech business success, Yang is unusual among the candidates in that he bases his political program on what might be called futurism. He sees an America…

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