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The Death Of Higher Education

From The Editor’s Desk: There have been several interesting articles in the press lately about just how awful it is to be an academic in America these days, particularly if you are an adjunct. Basically, what’s happened in the last forty years or so is that the universities have shifted most teaching tasks to non-tenured…

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The Ku Koch Klan in Education

There is a frightening but fascinating article over in the Washington Post this week. In Professor: A disturbing story about the influence of the Koch network in higher education, Valerie Strauss presents an essay by “Matthew J. Garcia, who was the director of Arizona State University’s School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies from 2012…

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Education: The Plight of Our Age.

By Nathaniel Tubbs   “No act of kidness, no matter how small, is wasted.” –Aseop’s Fables Our party, our nation is divided. And as this crisis looms yet another grows, the crisis of our age – the crisis of our youth. Dashed futures, rainy dreams and dreary eyes clasp out for a brighter future. A…

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Part II: Education, Betsy DeVos, and Those Pesky Bears

Editor’s Note: this is the second in a three part series on Julia Peacock, who is running California’s 42nd Congressional District. Sadly, many people prefer to treat troubled youth as disposable children. But, there are individuals like Julia Peacock, who realize that a positive influence in their lives can have an enormous beneficial impact. She…

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