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The Trump Collapse Has Begun.

There’s a very interesting article over on entitled “What Just Happened Also Occurred Before The Last 7 U.S. Recessions. Reason To Worry?“. What it says is that the yield curve has been inverted now for 3 months – an entire quarter.  What they don’t completely explain is why that is most likely happening.  Normally…

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Code Orange On The Roaring Teens

By Chris Madsen It seems like all the dominos have been set.  Let’s just hope no one in the world has a hiccup ever, ever again. I’m pretty sure Putin picked Trump because he knew if anyone could run an entire organization/country into the ground it would be Trump (he has experience).  The Trump Tax…

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The Reichstag Liar

The new American ambassador to Germany evidenced the sort of political arrogance and naivete that can only be described as “Trumpian” this week when he decided to sound off about helping to foster a right-wing uprising across Europe. Ambassador Richard Grenell, who seems to have confused the roles of “ambassador” and “interfering mother in law”…

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