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Space Cadets Away!

Yes, Donald Trump really is thinking about organizing a space patrol. Writing in The Washington Post, John Wagner notes that, “President Trump mused again Tuesday about adding a new branch of the military — a Space Force — and this time made clear he is thinking seriously about it.” Apparently, he said as much during…

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The “illegitimate” bastard in the White House

Joy Reid is the first mainstream media host to admit Trump’s election was invalid making Trump’s presidency illegitimate. by Marc Keyser, Since the beginning of the Trump-Russia investigation, members of the Resistance have been claiming that Trump’s collusion with Russia makes his election illegitimate. The mountain of evidence in the Mueller investigation continues to…

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Who is the Bad Man and Who is the Good Man?

By @BossBird17 The title is a question that was posed by Rajneesh (a.k.a. Osho), a controversial Indian guru and mystic. This question came to mind while I watched James Comey’s interview on ABC and while reading Donald Trump’s tweet storm regarding Comey’s actions and character. To me, it is an important question and not just…

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On Fascism

By Michael E. Berumen   The appellation fascist or fascism has been applied to many people and movements over the years, and more often than not, it has been used incorrectly etymologically, that is, in terms of its historical and philosophical origins. Most often it has been used by the left to describe people or…

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How Did Ms. Daniels Do It?

From the No Surprises File… NBCNews is reporting that Adult film actress Stormy Daniels underwent a polygraph exam in 2011 about her relationship with Donald Trump. The article notes (and here paraphrasing) the examiner found there was a more than 99 percent probability she told the truth when she said they had unprotected sex in…

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What Affects You?

by Michele Gabriel President Trump’s recent statement that he got the majority of the women’s vote in the 2016 election has people wondering if he flat out lied or if he really thinks 52% of the white woman votes are the only women votes that matter. I, myself, have no idea why he said it.…

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Trump As A (serious) Test

If you haven’t already seen it, go pick up the current issue of The New Yorker, or at least go to the magazine’s website, and read the following article: Donald Trump and the Stress Test of Liberal Democracy by David Remnick. In it, Remnick makes the fascinating argument that if we…and by we, he means…

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