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Trumptanic Hits Ukrainian Berg

The Titanic was probably doomed to failed from its inception, with its fatal design flaws.  All logic went out the window as soon as people convinced themselves it was “unsinkable”.  Hence, the lack of necessary life ships and the lack of emergency training.  What could go wrong? We already convinced ourselves and others it is…

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Biden: The Corporate Choice

 Video: Tulsi Gabbard is trying to ensure everyone is aware of the undemocratic practices the DNC is following and followed in 2016.  To me it is clear the DNC wants to nominate Biden even if he is less popular with the public than Sanders or Warren.  The large corporate money is behind Joe Biden because…

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Does The DNC Want Men?

Desperation Politics

Mars needs women. But does the Democratic National Committee want men? At least, white working class ones? It is a tricky question. A recent article in the AP by Nicholas Riccardi, After 2016 loss, Democrats know they need white male voters, says that the Democratic Party has finally figured out that it can’t do without…

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Trump: Bernie’s The Enemy

Interesting article over on The Daily Beast, Trump Calls Bernie Sanders Crazy, Praises Him in Private. According to the authors, Trump publicly berates Sanders, and says he looks forward to running against him. He implies that Sanders is dangerously removed from the American people, and that as a “Socialist” (read Communist) will be rejected by…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

We’ve found some fascinating reads on the web this week. They range from stories of courage and morality, to, alas, the very opposite. So, take a look at these: Fascinating article on Remezcla this week about Ralph Lazo, a young Mexican-American who decided to support his Japanese-American friends in World War II by joining them…

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The Progressive Surprise That Wasn’t

By this time, of course, everyone knows that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Hispanic woman and newcomer to politics, won a stunning victory over Rep. Joseph Crowley of New York. She will now carry the Democrat’s Banner into the election of 2018. It was, we are told, a complete surprise. How on earth, ask the pundits,…

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DNC/DCCC are a real problem

For months now we’ve been saying that the Democratic Party has a real problem on its hands –specifically, its own elite organizations, such as the DNC and the DCCC. We have watched while they have done everything they can to repress progressive voters, and even intervened in local elections, working against liberal and Left candidates.…

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An Extremely Worrying Meme

The other day, I saw the above meme on the People For Bernie Instagram feed. I did a search for the picture itself, and discovered there is, indeed, a back story. Something about two celebs having a “bromance.” And the image has become a general meme symbolizing pride before a fall. But what I found…

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Go Beyond Liberal, Says Grijalva

Here at LR Net we’ve always struggled with the question of how far do we go? Is it enough to be a Democrat? Should we identify as Liberals? Or maybe we should go further than that, and say that we are unapologetically Progressive? Even…dare we say it…Democratic Socialists? Fortunately, wiser heads than ours have also…

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Liberals Taking Charge of Democrats


By Michael Jay Tucker There was an interesting article over on the Washington Post last week, “First-time, liberal candidates are flooding the Democratic primaries,” by Kevin Schaul and Kevin Uhrmacher. It seems, say the authors, that hundreds (maybe thousands) of liberals are entering the Democratic primaries. For the first time in a long while, it…

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