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The Democratic Party Reborn

The Blue Dogs are dead! The Democratic Party is changing dramatically. It is becoming more unified, more liberal, more focused, and way more urban. That’s the conclusion, anyway, of CNN Politics’ senior analyst Ronald Brownstein. He argues that the Democratic Party used to be composed of many different groups–rural and small town voters, conservatives, even…

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Diversity Pays

At a time of Wall Building, physically and politically, the happy leader of one of the smallest states in the world reminds us that diversity pays [off]. In his New Year’s address to the Nation, Henry, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg paid a long tribute to the many foreigners residing in the Grand Duchy of…

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Stopping Tribal Trumpism

I wanted to share some ideas on what I think has led up to the Tribal Trumpism that has been going on in this country and what we can do to correct it. While I realize those who view Trump as the the Jerry Springer of politics may need to read this the most and…

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The Primaries Were a Good Start

The primaries were yesterday (8/14/2018) so I hope you all made it out to vote as I did. Every little bit is needed to set us up for success in the November midterm. It looks like we are off to a good start in ramping up for that, and there being a number of progressive…

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