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Diversity Pays

At a time of Wall Building, physically and politically, the happy leader of one of the smallest states in the world reminds us that diversity pays [off]. In his New Year’s address to the Nation, Henry, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg paid a long tribute to the many foreigners residing in the Grand Duchy of…

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Stopping Tribal Trumpism

I wanted to share some ideas on what I think has led up to the Tribal Trumpism that has been going on in this country and what we can do to correct it. While I realize those who view Trump as the the Jerry Springer of politics may need to read this the most and…

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The Primaries Were a Good Start

The primaries were yesterday (8/14/2018) so I hope you all made it out to vote as I did. Every little bit is needed to set us up for success in the November midterm. It looks like we are off to a good start in ramping up for that, and there being a number of progressive…

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