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Ruled by Fools

There was a painfully accurate oped over on the Washington Post recently, The Banana States of America by Dana Millford. In it, Millford argues that Democracy is not just under threat in America, it is already gone. But what we have in its place isn’t a ruthless, Stalinoid totalitarianism but rather the despotism of blundering…

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We Must Defend Amazon

You read that right. We have to defend Amazon with all our strength. Why? Well, go have a look at a recent article in the New York Times, Michelle Goldberg’s The Autocrats’ Playbook. She makes a fascinating argument, which is almost certainly on the money. Here’s the deal: dictators hate free expression and criticism. Trump…

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Notes From Editor’s Desk

Some things you may have missed, plus some hints about things to come, all in a witty and charming video form. We’re just sure it’s witty and charming. Okay, maybe not.       Links To Articles Mentioned In This Video Don’t Tell Laura Ingraham https://www.liberalresistance.net/dont-tell-laura-ingraham/ Abolish The Anachronistic Second Amendment https://www.liberalresistance.net/abolish-the-anachronistic-second-amendment/ On Fascism https://www.liberalresistance.net/on-fascism/…

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The Illicit Removal Of Andrew Mc­Cabe

The following video represents LiberalResistance.net’s response to the firing of former FBI deputy director Andrew Mc­Cabe:               Text follows Late Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, acting surely on Donald Trump’s instructions, fired former FBI deputy director Andrew Mc­Cabe. It was done in the most degrading and insulting way possible,…

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Trump As A (serious) Test

If you haven’t already seen it, go pick up the current issue of The New Yorker, or at least go to the magazine’s website, and read the following article: Donald Trump and the Stress Test of Liberal Democracy by David Remnick. In it, Remnick makes the fascinating argument that if we…and by we, he means…

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Trump Says He Could Pull A Xi

Looking for something that will make Monday even worse? Okay, how’s this? Over the weekend, Donald Trump seems to have expressed admiration for China’s newly anointed dictator, Xi Jinping, and his recent more or less total consolidation of power. In particular, he said, “Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot some day.” According to…

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