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Make America A Great Depression Again

From Marc Keyser     *** Marc Keyser is a writer and activist who has pioneered the use of the cellphone as an instrument of mass protest. The opinions expressed here are his own. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.  

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Worry: Car Debts Mount

If you haven’t already started to do so, now’s the time to worry about the future of the economy. Americans traditionally pay their car bills ahead of almost anything else. We need cars to get to work, after all. But, according to Business Insider, people are starting not to do so. Notes the magazine, “According…

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Why the Trump Economy is Doomed…

…the Everything Bubble and Everything Collapsing There has been a lot of talking going around about the “everything bubble” and everything collapsing.  What exactly does that mean?  What it means is we are most likely experiencing a bubble in several sectors of the economy.  We’ve had real estate bubbles before and stock bubbles before, but…

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Isolation Almost Killed Us Once. GOP Wants It Again

There is a powerful piece over on CNN’s oped page this week. In Republican leaders need to remember what happened the last time America chose to be isolated, Susan Dunn looks at the last time the United States ignored and insulted its allies, and decided its enemies were far, far away. It happened in the…

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