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Trump Trash At Its Best

We’ll just leave this right here. This Trump supporter, who went viral because of this absurd video calling on immigrants to “respect our laws,” has been…arrested for identity theft. — Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) October 27, 2019

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The Mind Of The Trump Voter

Still trying to figure out how anyone could vote for Trump? Take a look at this article from Psychology Today: A Complete Psychological Analysis of Trump’s Support Spoiler, think fear and hatred.

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Demography and Democracy

From The Washington Post: The simple math that should keep Republicans up at night, The most common age of Hispanics in America is 11. For whites? 58. We should be careful about demographic predictions. They tend to be a little uncertain. Still, the fact is that the GOP is running out of angry, bigoted, old…

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Here There Be Dragons

A while back we reported on a study which seems to show that social exclusion  is closely associated with terrorism. The study seemed to show that people who have felt alienated from and oppressed by their societies are more likely to turn to violence and extremism. Now, another study shows just how dangerous social exclusion…

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