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The Sword Of Righteousness

VirtualReality2 host and author, Marc Keyser Greta Thunberg, the young Joan of Arc of the Climate Change Movement, is leading the global war to save the planet. Greta joined protestors with Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles outside City Hall to protest fossil fuel production in California in the midst of the horrendous fires in L.A.…

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The Rich B*st*rd Funding Climate Denial

Here’s an interesting article from Facing South: Millionaire CEO Is Bankrolling Think Tank Pushing Climate Denial by Sue Sturgis. Ms. Sturgis traces the funding of major climate denialist think tanks and other organizations through several mysterious twists and turns and ultimately to Art Pope, “he’s the owner, chair and CEO of Variety Wholesalers, a group…

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Media Downplays Global Warming?

This is scary. From Common Dreams: While Global Temps Soared, Study Shows US Media Coverage of Right-Wing Think Tanks’ Climate Lies Actually Rose Over Past 5 Years “A new Public Citizen analysis shows that over the past five years—as rising global temperatures repeatedly set records—national television news networks and the 50 most widely circulated newspapers…

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