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Pelosi’s Got A Challenger

From Jacobin: Meet Shahid Buttar, Pelosi’s Left-Wing Challenger, by Natascha Elena Uhlmann “Nancy Pelosi is facing a primary challenge from a civil rights lawyer who supports the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. Knocking her off would be a resounding win for the Left.”

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The Democratic Party Reborn

The Blue Dogs are dead! The Democratic Party is changing dramatically. It is becoming more unified, more liberal, more focused, and way more urban. That’s the conclusion, anyway, of CNN Politics’ senior analyst Ronald Brownstein. He argues that the Democratic Party used to be composed of many different groups–rural and small town voters, conservatives, even…

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Does The DNC Want Men?

Desperation Politics

Mars needs women. But does the Democratic National Committee want men? At least, white working class ones? It is a tricky question. A recent article in the AP by Nicholas Riccardi, After 2016 loss, Democrats know they need white male voters, says that the Democratic Party has finally figured out that it can’t do without…

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Biden/Dems Would Stomp Trump

CBS is reporting that recent polls show almost any of the leading Democratic candidates for president would beat tRump, and that Joe Biden would not only beat him but stomp him right into the ground. Notes the article, “A new national poll from Quinnipiac University shows President Trump trailing each of six Democratic candidates in…

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Dems Shift Left. Are They Ready?

It is no secret that the Democratic Party is in rapid evolution. On one hand (it’s right), it is taking in hordes of dissatisfied Republicans fleeing the Trumpification of their party. But, on the other hand (the left), it is facing thousands if not millions of new voters, younger voters, and progressive voters who are…

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DNC/DCCC are a real problem

For months now we’ve been saying that the Democratic Party has a real problem on its hands –specifically, its own elite organizations, such as the DNC and the DCCC. We have watched while they have done everything they can to repress progressive voters, and even intervened in local elections, working against liberal and Left candidates.…

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Go Beyond Liberal, Says Grijalva

Here at LR Net we’ve always struggled with the question of how far do we go? Is it enough to be a Democrat? Should we identify as Liberals? Or maybe we should go further than that, and say that we are unapologetically Progressive? Even…dare we say it…Democratic Socialists? Fortunately, wiser heads than ours have also…

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The DCCC Screws Up Again

By Michael Jay Tucker What is wrong with the Democratic Party? Or, rather, what’s wrong with its elites? Why don’t they get it? Why do they keep screwing up? Case in point, the Party, and particularly the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), has repeatedly backed state and local candidates who don’t have the support of…

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Liberals Taking Charge of Democrats


By Michael Jay Tucker There was an interesting article over on the Washington Post last week, “First-time, liberal candidates are flooding the Democratic primaries,” by Kevin Schaul and Kevin Uhrmacher. It seems, say the authors, that hundreds (maybe thousands) of liberals are entering the Democratic primaries. For the first time in a long while, it…

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