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An Extremely Worrying Meme

The other day, I saw the above meme on the People For Bernie Instagram feed. I did a search for the picture itself, and discovered there is, indeed, a back story. Something about two celebs having a “bromance.” And the image has become a general meme symbolizing pride before a fall. But what I found…

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Go Beyond Liberal, Says Grijalva

Here at LR Net weโ€™ve always struggled with the question of how far do we go? Is it enough to be a Democrat? Should we identify as Liberals? Or maybe we should go further than that, and say that we are unapologetically Progressive? Evenโ€ฆdare we say itโ€ฆDemocratic Socialists? Fortunately, wiser heads than ours have also…

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DCCC Trying To Force Progressives From Races

There is an interesting piece over on the Interceptโ€™s Website, Secretly Taped Audio Reveals Democratic Leadership Pressuring Progressive to Leave Race by Lee Fang. On the off chance you didnโ€™t know about it, the Democratic Partyโ€™s elites have allegedly been working rather diligently against progressive candidates in state and local elections. The DNC and the…

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The DCCC Screws Up Again

By Michael Jay Tucker What is wrong with the Democratic Party? Or, rather, whatโ€™s wrong with its elites? Why donโ€™t they get it? Why do they keep screwing up? Case in point, the Party, and particularly the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), has repeatedly backed state and local candidates who donโ€™t have the support of…

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Liberals Taking Charge of Democrats


By Michael Jay Tucker There was an interesting article over on the Washington Post last week, โ€œFirst-time, liberal candidates are flooding the Democratic primaries,โ€ by Kevin Schaul and Kevin Uhrmacher. It seems, say the authors, that hundreds (maybe thousands) of liberals are entering the Democratic primaries. For the first time in a long while, it…

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Is The DNC Normalizing Trump?

This one we got from our friend Brent Williams. It seems there is a very disturbing article over on the Atlanticโ€™s website. In โ€œDemocrats’ ‘Resistance’ to Trump Is Eroding, and So Are Their Poll Numbers,โ€ Will Stancil argues that the leaders of the Democratic Party are increasingly willing to accept Trump as โ€œthe new normal.โ€…

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