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Giuliani, Ukraine’s Pal

From MSNBC: Ukrainian officials and Giuliani are sharing back-channel campaign information: report LR.net ran an article a little while back about Giuliani acting as a possible unregistered foreign agent where he was paid a large sum of money to speak in the Ukraine.  That sounds like a payment for his involvement in this. Seems like…

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Trump Didn’t Want Sprinklers In His Tower

Everyone knows, now, that there was a fire at Trump Tower—in which one person died and six firemen were injured. As for press time (Sunday, April 8, 2018), der Drumpf’s only response was to tweet about how the fire was now out (it wasn’t at the time he did the tweeting) and to say good…

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Hell Has Frozen Over

Clearly, the end times are upon us. Nothing is right. Everything is turned upside down. Why do I say that? Because I agree with, and am going to praise, an essay by George Will. This is bizarre. Now, George Will is one of those guys that I sincerely dislike. I don’t like his conservatism. I…

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