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Newsweek Says Mueller Has NRA’s Tax Records

You do recall how the NRA’s spokes-creature Dana Loesch said back  in 2016 that journalists are “the rat bastards of the earth” and that she would be “happy, frankly, to see them curb-stomped”?  And remember how after the shootings in Annapolis at the Capital Gazette the NRA didn’t exactly rush up and express a lot…

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A Father Risen, In His Fury

There is a fascinating article over on the Guardian site, Fred Guttenberg will not sit down: Florida father demands gun reform by Lois Beckett. Guttenberg was, alas, one of the parents who lost a child in the Parkland shooting. But, now, notes Ms. Beckett, he is after justice. He has thrown himself in the struggle…

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NRA’s Dana Loesch And Her Hour Glass

By Marc Keyser Author of TheReistance.Blog 1. NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch has been in the media making ominous threats against people who want common sense gun control. “Your time is running is out!” she shrieks like a witch out of a Harry Potter episode waving her magic hour glass threatening to cast an evil spell…

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