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He was a nice guy with a bunch of answers. They wanted to kill him. Could she keep him alive? Fiction by Victor Storiguard.

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Call For A Cyberforce

A short while ago, my friend (and Liberal Resistance’s founder) Matt Blanchfield posed an interesting question. To wit, why is Trump proposing a space force, when the real and obvious need right at the moment is some sort of organization that could oppose Russia’s attack on our institutions and moral well being via the Internet.…

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In Memoriam: Harlan Jay Ellison (1934-2018)

Editor’s Note: We were saddened to learn recently of the death of Harlan Jay Ellison, the famed fabulist and writer of science fiction. Ellison was a noted author in his field, but also extremely controversial, offending Right, Left, and Center with perfect impartiality. However, he was instrumental in politicizing science fiction and fantasy, and in…

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