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Tweet: Trump Is A Murderer

Why am I so angry? I know the Kurdish people intimately. Through all 3 of my Iraq tours I supported them, trained them and served as an adviser. They were Iraqi but their families stretched to Syria and Iran. These kids would be in their 20’s. I wonder if they’re already dead. — Fred…

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GOP: Unraveling?

Let Us Hope that We Shall See the Unraveling of the Republican Party. Here’s a bit of history of what can happen to a political party through an unconscionable and impulsive act: Here is a political cartoon showing South Carolina Rep. Preston Brooks, a pro-slavery Democrat, nearly fatally caning Republican abolitionist, Massachusetts Sen. Charles Sumner,…

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Reality Bites

Man oh man, I would not want to be Donald Trump right now. In fact, there’s no point in history where any sane person would want to be Donald Trump, but even if you were seized by a perverse desire to become a fat orange rapist with an easy-punchline hairdo grappling futilly with senility, this…

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Meme: Run Unashamedly Left

A Meme: we need to stop apologizing for being liberal. We need to stop apologizing for being on the Left. We need to run as Progressives. We can’t appeal to conservatives and shouldn’t even try.    

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Wingnut Tells Yang to Go Back To China

From Newsweek, Right-wing Radio Host Says New York-born Andrew Yang ‘Should Go Back to China’: ‘Why Is He Coming Here to Turn America into the Place That He Left?’ The Right-wing host making these comments is Jesse Lee Peterson, who is apparently unaware that Yang was born in New York state. The only surprise about…

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