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The Devil Believed He Was Immune

Multiple news outlets are reporting that Billionaire and long-time Trump crony Jeffrey Epstein has been charged with multiple counts of sex trafficking, and of under-age girls to boot. There are now several questions which we, as a society, need to ask. First, how did he get away with it for so long (answer, he was…

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From One Crime Boss To Another

Just in case you missed it in all the chaos last month, there was an amazing event in court the other day when a mob killer announced his support for Donald Trump. According to Huffpost, “In a New Jersey court appearance Monday, the alleged killer of Gambino family crime boss Francesco Cali flashed pro-Trump propaganda…

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There’s Poor, And Then There’s Poor

Here’s one I’d never thought about. To wit, there’s poor, but there’s also poor. Let me explain. Over on Nation of Change’s website there is an interesting article entitled, Yes, deniers, millions of Americans are among the poorest people in the world by Paul Buchheit. In the piece, Buchheit looks at the increasingly large number…

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