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Drumpf And The Froot Loops

     This article by Sebastian Murdock,  Donald Trump Thinks You Need ID To Buy Cereal, at Huffington Post is definitely thought-food.      So… Trump’s not only a serial liar, he’s a cereal buffoon.      Present story: Considering the venue (an interview with The Daily Caller), we shouldn’t really be too surprised at Trump’s hinge-less rant.…

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Whitaker: Plug Ugly

So I’m sitting here looking at pictures of Matthew Whitaker, our acting Attorney General. The stress is on the word acting, because the legality of his appointment is disputed, and, if we’re very, very lucky, he’ll be gone the time you read this (I’m writing on November 13th.) But whether he goes or stays, what…

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The GOP, Russia’s Gamepiece

Russia has known all along that they couldn’t defeat the United States in a head on confrontation. The United States simply spends way too much on its military for the former Soviet Union to keep up. Russia however has had a plan all along and that is to demoralize and rot America from the inside…

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The Sealed Indictments: The New Black Friday?

There had been some talk going around as to how many sealed indictments Mueller has against Donald Trump and his associates.  It’s quite clear Trump fired Sessions so he could have Mueller fired.  He admitted that was his intent during an interview a few days ago. So if Mueller is as good as everyone says…

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Subpoena Cannon Ready To Fire

image source The online magazine, Axios, is reporting that Democrats are getting ready for their return to power in the House by loading a “Subpoena Cannon.” They have, says the article, targeted at least 85 individual targets for subpoenas. Specifically, the magazine says the the cannon is targeting the following and a good deal more:…

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