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Proper Pain Management with Marijuana

Currently, too many people in the United States can’t get proper pain management due to some other people’s addiction to opiate medication.  That leaves a lot of folks with legitimate pain needs that are not being properly addressed.  Because some addicts enjoy crushing and snorting  and otherwise misusing opiates (then consequently overdosing) many other people…

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Aeon: CEOs Are Not Your Friends

Editor’s Note: Normally, Liberal Resistance Net does not reprint material from other publications. However, this piece by Carl Rhodes and Peter Bloom seemed so important and so insightful that we decided to make an exception. In it the two argue that the continued glorification of CEOs is absurd, and a measure of how corporatized our…

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Chomsky: It’s the Corporations, Stupid

There is a fascinating article over at the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s web publication, In it, Lynn Parramore interviews the remarkable Noam Chomsky, linguist, scientist, and activist. Among the many things that Professor Chomsky says is that the real villain in the 2016 election may not have been so much Russia as the…

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The Politics of Compassion

by Colin McGrath I am troubled. Pretty deeply, actually. There is a great hate emerging in this country. Yes, the Nazis in Charlottesville were abhorrent and the recent Anti-Islamic rant and vandalism done here in my home state of Arizona by a mother and her two young children were especially troubling. I could go on…

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