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Treason – Article 3.

Below is the actual text of Article 3 Section 3 and the ‘Travis Translation’ pertaining to treason in the United States.  The Trumps are pathological liars and will never confess to giving Russia (our enemy) aide.  But a person can be convicted in the United States of treason if two people describe the same obvious act…

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Bravo Colorado!

The state of Colorado has just passed a law that would require its electoral college to cast its votes for whichever presidential candidate receives the most total votes nationally. This makes 11 states which have so far passed similar measures. (Our own New Mexico, where LR Net is based, is considering a like-minded bill.) There…

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Section 8

I admit that I live in Canada. But I went to school in New York. I can recall reading the US Constitution. So, when Mr. Trump said last week that he was going to impose a tariff on steel and aluminum imports, I was puzzled. I just looked. Section 8 reads: “1: The Congress shall…

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