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Off With His Head

“Off with his head!” said the King of Dark Hearts. “Off with President Xi Jinping’s head!” “Off with China’s head!” “Off with Fed Chairman Powell’s head!” Said the King of Magaland

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See A Shrink, GOP

Andy Borowitz has got the GOP’s number. And that number is a page in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

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No Wang: A Seriously Painful Good Idea

Alicia Norman is our resident filmmaker and animator here at She’s also a musician, a freelance writer, a wife and mother, and a whole bunch of other things besides. She is also a feminist, and she is not 100% thrilled with the annoying habit of some men sexually harassing women and then afterwards claiming…

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The Best Jokes From Michelle Wolf’s Dinner Speech

So, okay, I didn’t see Michelle Wolf at the White House correspondents’ dinner. Hard to get an invite to those things. Even Trump couldn’t get in. Or was that an accident? Anyway, apparently Wolf did the best political stand-up that’s been heard for a long, long time. Fortunately, even I wasn’t there, you can find…

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Obituary: Barry Crimmins

Barry Crimmins has died. If you haven’t seen Bobcat Goldthwaite’s superb documentary, “Call Me Lucky,” stop wasting time and go see it on Netflix, now. For those who don’t listen to my recommendations, Barry Crimmins was a comedian and activist who almost singlehandedly built the alternative comedy scene in 1980s Boston. Outside comedy, he was…

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