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We’re At A Turning Point (thank goodness)

Gina McCarthy, Obama’s EPA chief, thinks we are at a turning point. Interviewed in Scientific America, she says that most Americans are finally ready to address climate change, in spite Trump. The article quotes her as saying, “I do think that we are at a bit of a turning point. I think everybody has different…

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She Was The Victim Of A Smear

Wondering how Greta Thunberg came to the target of what seemed like a directed volley of insults and abuse? Well, consider this article from Attacks on Greta Thunberg Come from a Coordinated Network of Climate Change Deniers Yes, a sixteen year old girl was the target of a conspiracy of climate change denialists. Think…

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Davina Vs. Goliath

(For the purpose of greater clarity and succinctness, I have excerpted sections and lightly edited a blog by Jonathan Cook on, 10/01/19)  She is a Ready-made Davina Confronting a Corporate Goliath. The sixteen-year old Swede, Greta Thunberg, and her generation are living on a dying planet, a planet the older generation – through their…

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Greta Thunberg: Postmodern Hero

You are aware, aren’t you, that a teenager has demonstrated more backbone than the entire Republican Party and a big chunk of the DNC? Frightening and fascinating. From USAToday: Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg sets stare on Donald Trump at UN in viral video

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Solving the World Water Crisis

Places like Cape Town, South Africa are running out of water due to inadequate rainfall.  The problem is it won’t just be Cape Town it will be many, many other places over time.  At some point the rain will return to that area and replenish their dam, but how do we solve all these crises…

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The Rich B*st*rd Funding Climate Denial

Here’s an interesting article from Facing South: Millionaire CEO Is Bankrolling Think Tank Pushing Climate Denial by Sue Sturgis. Ms. Sturgis traces the funding of major climate denialist think tanks and other organizations through several mysterious twists and turns and ultimately to Art Pope, “he’s the owner, chair and CEO of Variety Wholesalers, a group…

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