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A Rationalist’s Christmas…2018

From the Editor’s Desk… So it is now Christmas, celebrated by Christians and many non-Christians around the world. I am not quite certain what I think about Christmas. I was raised outside of any religious tradition. My parents were secularists and rationalists. But we were, I suppose, what you’d call “cultural Christians.” And that meant…

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Just To Remind Us…

photo by Photo by Lawrence Jackson image source …that once there was a good and faithful man in the White House, consider this photo of President Obama dancing with the group Fifth Harmony during the lighting of the National Christmas Tree in 2014. One of these days…decency will be back.   (Photo by Lawrence Jackson)…

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Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth

We very rarely offer non-political material on this site. But, since we are so close to the holidays, we are going to make an exception…which is not (paradoxically) really an exception…and share this video of a truly lovely song. It is Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth, as preformed (improbably enough) as a duet by Bing…

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Happy Holidays!

Greetings and happy holidays to everyone! If you celebrate this day, then Merry Christmas. If you do not, then may your holiday, whatever it is, be joyful. And may, somehow, we all get from Santa a special gift… Specifically, Trump out of the White House…and, if possible, on his way to jail.

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Melania’s Christmas Video

By Chris Madsen How many things does Melania actually have control over now?  How closely is she being watched?  How often does she actually participate in anything? I find it interesting to see her clinching red gloves in the one scene.  There’s a children’s horror story they tell in Russia about how red gloves are…

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