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On Why Ayn Rand Isn’t Damned

So I had an odd thought the other day. I was browsing my own writing, actually, and I ran across my tribute to Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist and pop culture figure who simultaneously challenged many of the assumptions of his own profession, and also remade the public’s conception of what a scientist is all…

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Paula White: Televangelist and Trump Spiritual Advisor

By Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant How does a young girl facing the ravages of a broken home, whose estranged father committed suicide, leaving her mother and the girl completely impoverished? With the mother driven to alcoholism, the girl was then consigned to various caregivers and subjected to sexual abuse from age six to thirteen. The…

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Is Christianity Dead?

It’s a bit of an older piece, now, but there’s an article by Miguel De Lad Torre in the Baptist News Global that everyone should read. In The death of Christianity in the U.S., he argues that Evangelicals have effectively killed Christianity by allying themselves with Trump. He writes, “Christianity has died in the hands…

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