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We Are Not A Church!

Dear Bill Barr of @TheJusticeDept: I’m just a simple Catholic. But even I know your job is to enforce the law, not the Bible. We are a Constitutional Republic, not a theocracy. Do your job instead of being a full on conspiracy theorist.#SaturdayMorning Thoughts — Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) October 12, 2019

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Not Christians At All

Powerful op-ed piece over on the Washington Post site by Michael Gerson: Some white evangelicals are difficult to recognize as Christians at all Isn’t that the truth? If there ever is a second coming, there are going to be some very surprised “Christians” finding themselves on the wrong end of the Flaming Sword.

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Christians Against “Christian” Fascism

From The Hill: A group formed by Christian leaders is warning against the rise of “Christian nationalism,” saying the merging of Christian and American identities poses a threat to U.S. democracy and religious communities.  Bravo to them. Christ would have taken after the “Christian nationalists” with a whip and a sword.

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“Us Against Xians”

I’ve seen a couple of articles recently that both intrigue me and worry me, and which spring out of recent attacks on Christian communities in non-Christian countries — for example, the Sri Lankan church bombings. I find these interesting and probably useful to us as a culture because they confront us with two important facts:…

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Today’s Christians Aren’t Christian

If you haven’t run across John Pavlovitz and his blog, “Stuff That Needs To Be Said,” do give him and it a glance in the near future. He is a self-described “a writer, pastor, and activist from Wake Forest, North Carolina” who has made a habit of telling truth to power…not always the safest of…

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