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Restore Democracy!

If we want to play divisive Russian politics, let’s debate this one:  Restore Democracy as anything else is un-American.  Here’s a hint a true patriot will choose team America over team Fumbleruski.  Our forefathers never intended for this country to be a foreign influenced fascist corporate kleptocracy, that is very clear. The good news for…

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Troll Fires?

Anyone identified enough times with any troll metric, #TrollAlert or other, setting online troll fires should have to verify they are an eligible voter and legally able to participate in American domestic politics via their United States based phone number.    

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Saved By The Whistle

***Warning**** (formerly Russia Today) is the propaganda outlet for the Russian government).   At the bottom of this page is also a link to Edward Snowden discussing the Espionage Act in his own words on The Joe Rogan Experience video podcast.  Under a president like Bernie Sanders, it would be possible for someone like…

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Russian Nukes: Fearful Or Fraudful?

Always consider the News Source.  This is piece of Russian propaganda released by Russian Times on behalf of the Russian Government.  ~ Chris Madsen From Russia already HAS weapons that can penetrate ANY missile defense, but their development won’t stop there – Putin Yeah, well, maybe. If Russia felt it had the weapon system…

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The Solar Electric Car

Green Energy

From Dutch Company Reveals An Electric Car That Charges Itself With Sunlight The Dutch have taken off the gloves in the fight to end burning fossil fuels in personal vehicles.  This article hints at something EXTREMELY important: we already have the technology to provide solutions to many of our problems.  Hard to imagine we…

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Hydrogen Appliances that Generate Electricity

I had talked before about having on demand hydrogen powered electricity generators at future hydrogen vehicle gas stations to help balance out the power grid at night.  I thought about it and realized there was one major energy inefficiency I had overlooked that the byproduct of combusting hydrogen in an electricity producing generator is lots…

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Dems Could Impeach!

From House Democrats Now Have Enough Votes To Impeach Donald Trump  The best part is once the House of Representatives votes to proceed the Senate constitutionally must hold a trial of the president.  Sorry, Moscow Mitch you won’t be able to bury or hide this on your desk.     Now would be a…

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