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Russians Cheered By Putin’s Boy

On Thursday (20 December) Trump called for the removal of American troops from Syria. On that day as well, General Mattis resigned in frustration and fury. And by Friday (21 December) Russia was cheering the developments. Trump was clearly Putin’s boy again. The Daily Beast reports that “…the Mattis departure is being cheered in Russia.…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

We’ve found some fascinating reads on the web this week. They range from stories of courage and morality, to, alas, the very opposite. So, take a look at these: Fascinating article on Remezcla this week about Ralph Lazo, a young Mexican-American who decided to support his Japanese-American friends in World War II by joining them…

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Oh, Look. Farmers are Getting Screwed By 45

Again, put this down in the No Surprises Column… Farmers, some of wom backed Trump to the hilt, are waking up to the fact that they’d be in the middle of any trade war with China. Thus, writes David Weigel in The Washington Post, “Many of the farmers who helped propel Donald Trump to the…

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China Says It Will Hit Back

Coming under the No, Not Really file… Donald Trump announced stiff tariffs on China. Then, surprise, surprise, surprise (who would have thought it?), China has retaliated. Writing in Politico, Megan Cassella reports that China to slap tariffs on 128 U.S. goods. In particular, she notes, “China will impose a 15 percent tariff increase on goods…

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Trump Temps Trade-War

Weren’t conservatives supposed to be in favor of free trade? Apparently not the current sort of conservative. Der Drumpf recently threatened our major trading partners with all sorts of nifty tariffs…and guess what, boys and girls? They’re hitting back. The New York Times’ Ana Swanson, writing in Trump’s Tariffs Prompt Global Threats of Retaliation, notes…

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Trump Says He Could Pull A Xi

Looking for something that will make Monday even worse? Okay, how’s this? Over the weekend, Donald Trump seems to have expressed admiration for China’s newly anointed dictator, Xi Jinping, and his recent more or less total consolidation of power. In particular, he said, “Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot some day.” According to…

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