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ICE: Prepare To Melt

Could ICE…a.k.a., Immigration and Customs Enforcement…melt down into a tired little puddle? It just might happen, according to Sean McElwee. Writing in The Nation, McElwee looks at the growing rage against ICE in the country, and at the number of political figures who are calling for it to be shut down entirely. His conclusion, it…

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Children As Their Own Lawyers

In Trump’s immigration nightmare, toddlers in “tender age prisons” are supposed to be their own lawyers in court   By Marc Keyser Families ripped apart and children put in cages, which the Trump administration calls “Tender age prisons.” A new federal court ruling effectively states that undocumented minors are not entitled to legal representation in…

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June 30 Rally For Families

On June 30, there were rallies all over America for immigrant children and immigrant rights. Hundreds of thousands of people showed up in all 50 states and in city after city. We had one such rally here in Albuquerque and our own Matt Blanchfield was there. He sent us these amazing photos of good, honest,…

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God What a Moral Monster!

By Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog Trump caves in to public pressure and ends his Family Separation Policy at the border. Mr. Trump you lied again when you said, “We all very much have the same views, we want to keep families together.” Why then Mr. President did you separate some 2,000 children from their parents at…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

Once more, we’ve had a busy week on the web. Trump and his minions have provided us with no end of reports to follow…and be appalled by. Particularly compelling have been the endless stories arising from the separation of children from their parents at the border. Among the stories we’re following on this topic are:…

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Moloch: Sessions’ Genuine God

It seems I owe the Trump administration in general, and Jeff Sessions in particular, an apology. You see, I had assumed that what Trump & Co. genuinely worshipped was Money—or, if you prefer Biblical language, Mammon. As in “you may serve God or Mammon, but not both.” And given the Trump kleptocracy… But now I…

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Breaking News: Trump Backs Down On Family Separations

Multiple media outlets are saying that Donald Trump has said that families will no longer be broken up at the border and children taken away from their parents. Though exactly what happens instead remains a little difficult to determine. The change in policy comes after weeks of intense criticism from, seemingly, every pressure group in…

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Zero Tolerance, the Word of God?

Children torn from the arms of their parents and encaged, along with other young castaways, under the pretense of following the law. Law? Whose law? This president’s law? This Attorney General’s law? This Secretary of Homeland Security’s law? And presuming that it is the law, what law has been broken? Seeking asylum by attempting illegal…

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Trump Concentration Camps

President Trump has a new “zero tolerance policy” for migrants crossing the border for shelter in the United States. Siting quotations from the bible, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in a speech to police officers in Fort Wayne, Ind., cited Romans 13, imploring his “church friends” to remember the Bible passage that directs the faithful to…

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