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Real Treason…and China

From the Editor’s Desk I had an interesting thought the other day. It’s not necessarily profound or anything, but it did occur to me that I’ve seeing a lot of articles lately about how China is overtaking us. The People’s Republic is becoming, we suspect, the world’s dominant power, and leaving us in the dust.…

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Rise Of The White Collar Unions

Interesting piece over on Slate recently, The Future of Unions Is White-Collar: Blue-collar jobs are disappearing. But a powerful new wave of organized labor is taking its place by Bret Schulte. In it, Schulte argues that while traditional, blue collar unions are, indeed, withering away, there’s a new wave of white collar unions springing up…

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Aeon: CEOs Are Not Your Friends

Editor’s Note: Normally, Liberal Resistance Net does not reprint material from other publications. However, this piece by Carl Rhodes and Peter Bloom seemed so important and so insightful that we decided to make an exception. In it the two argue that the continued glorification of CEOs is absurd, and a measure of how corporatized our…

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