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The Anglosphere…Or Not

So I ran across an interesting term a year or so back, “The Anglosphere.” What this is, basically, is the English-speaking nations of the world considered as a single social, economic, and political grouping—i.e., Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Why I find the Anglosphere interesting politically is that at least some…

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Trudeau Vs. Trump

Just in case you were wondering who got the better deal in the recent elections… Here’s a video of Canada’s Trudeau discussing quantum computing, and of Trump making an ass of himself…  

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Canada: Gentle Giant of the West

By Chris Madsen So with the world becoming much more smaller with technological advances.  I can’t help wonder what is Canada’s role is this strange new world political situation we are in? Canada is strategically located across the North pole from much of Russia.   The values and political beliefs of the Canadians seem to…

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By @BossBird17 Looking back over the past year, it’s unfathomable that Trump’s time in office has only been fifteen months. Indeed, it feels as if fifteen years have passed. In the book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, one of the writers accurately depicted what every citizen is experiencing by conveying that we are locked…

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