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“Smart” Guns Dumbed Down

Here is an interesting factoid. It is possible…even easy…to build a gun that only the registered owner can fire. The same technology that we use to secure cars with wireless ignitions could be used with firearms. One plan calls for the user to have a bluetooth enabled token in his or her possession, and if…

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The Hard Right’s A Cult

Informative and chilling article over on BuzzFeedNews this month, A Former Alt-Right Member’s Message: Get Out While You Still Can by Rosie Gray. In it, Gray tells the story of Katie McHugh, a former darling of the Alt-Right scene known for her explosive tweets and other comments guaranteed to infuriate liberal opinion at every opportunity.…

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Zero Tolerance & Prolife

Trump is backed by all sorts of interesting people, including many who say they are “prolife,” i.e., very fond of children…at least before they’re born. After that, the little slackers are on their own. But, the point is, you’d think that pro-lifer’s concern for the wellbeing of the unborn would extend to those unborn people…

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