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The Death Of Higher Education

From The Editor’s Desk: There have been several interesting articles in the press lately about just how awful it is to be an academic in America these days, particularly if you are an adjunct. Basically, what’s happened in the last forty years or so is that the universities have shifted most teaching tasks to non-tenured…

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Best Buy in the Post-Retail Age

Interesting article on on the Inc. site that everyone ought to look at. In Amazon Almost Killed Best Buy. Then, Best Buy Did Something Completely Brilliant, Justin Bariso looks at how the retailer managed to survive and even thrive in an age when retailers are all supposed to be on the way out How did…

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Trump Voters Hurt First

We’ve always known that the people who voted for Trump tend to get hurt the first and worst. And, at long last, some of them seem to be realizing that. Case in point, the people who depended on foreign-born labor, but who now find that the Orange One’s Walls and ICE-raids could force them into…

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Trade Balance

By Peter H. Salus Donald Trump is dedicated to “Making America Great Again.”  To renegotiating “unfair” trade agreements.  To reducing taxes and increasing take-home pay. Or that’s what he says. Yet I read: “The US trade deficit grew 12.1 per cent to its highest level since 2008 in Donald Trump’s first year in office, suggesting…

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