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Trump Eases Back From Budget

From the We’re Not Really Surprised File… Emma Stefansky, writing in the Hive, tells gives the fascinating article, Signer’s Remorse: Trump Scrambling to Reverse Effects of Spending Bill He Signed Trump is reportedly planning to partially cut down to size the massive bill he just passed. It seems, she says, that he didn’t actually know what…

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Trump To Evict Poor From Housing

Here’s something to just ruin your day. You know that scene in the old melodramas where the villain curls his mustache and throws Little Nell and her Grandmother out on the street? Well, strike the ‘stache and you’ve got Trump. It seems that his budget, and we’re only now figuring out some of his squirrely…

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A Bargain Foul…Or Fair?

Editor’s Note: Cesar Vargas has recently posted in HuffPost an indictment of the Democratic Party’s recent deal with the GOP to keep the government in operation. Vargas argues that this amounted to a betrayal of the Dreamers, i.e., “undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children. However, our columnist William Albee strongly disagrees: I cannot…

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